Rulon Technology
The Rulon army consists of a variety of races.

They are led by Krulos. There is no single second in command. Krulos is followed by his four generals. Rasp general of the vipers; Antor general of the antmen; Hammerhead general of the sharkmen; Krok general of the crocmen. As Krulos fell ill, three of his generals quarreled for leadership. These generals were Rasp, Antor and Hammerhead.

No female has been spotted in the Rulon ranks. Most likely they were left behind, because the men went to war. Nothing is known about the Rulon homeworld.

Since each of the generals also represents a race, it can be theorized, that: With the exception of Krulos, there are only 4 races in the Rulon army. Subsequent subgroups actually belong to one of the four groups represented by the generals.

The following can be viewed as indication, that the Rulon forces are different races from different planets:

  • It is unlikely for evolution to fill a niche with two very similar creatures (survival of fittest)
  • The individuals in the Rulon army seem very aggressive. Such aggressive creatures would have attacked and killed each other long before civilization, let alone space travel could be invented.
  • The races present in the Rulon forces are suited for different environments. Especially Krulos.

The first two of the above arguments assume, that the Rulon races are a natural occurrence. The resemblance to earth creatures could then be the result of convergent evolution. Their knowledge of earth could than have been achieved through exploration, contact or through theft of Valorian data.

On the other hand such a high occurrence of convergent evolution seems highly unlikely. The Rulons than could be genetically altered animals/humans. Why or when such an alteration took place can only be theorized. Were the Rulon forces created for the army? Are they descendants of humans, that had to adapt to harsh offworld environments?

Following questions remain:

  • Are the Rulon forces representative of their races? Do all vipers, for example, hate the Valorians?
  • Is the name "Rulon" a designation for the military force; or does it designate the entirety of the races represented by the military force?
  • Why do they hate the Valorians?
  • What makes such distinct races join banner under Krulos's rule?

Though interracial collabaration is not uncommon (Scab and Croc in Episode 10 for example), the races usually do not intermingle.

Krulos is a water based creature, habituated in areas with higher pressure, than earths surface. He has to remain in a special water filled pressure suit. The smallest crack in his helmet expands immediately and water spurts outward (Episode 13 One to Lead Us).

Krulos is the leader of the Rulon army. His title is emperor, and is commonly addressed as lord Krulos. He is very intelligent and possesses great physical strength. Lifting two of his men at their collars, does not seem to strain him (Episode 10 - To Lose the Path). His viciousness and his hatred of the Valorians overshadows that of every of his men.

'Your motivations will be: Hate, fear and envy. I want you to hate your enemy; I want you to fear my wrath, more than anything you fear he may do to you; And I want you to envy victory, so much that you will tear it from his grasp.' - Krulos (Episode 10 - To Lose the Path)

The vipers are led by Rasp. They are clever, devious and put their interest above everything else.

Two sets of viper uniforms are known. The dark black one is reserved for soldiers, while the white uniform is meant for scientists.

Known vipers include: Rasp, Fang, Rattlar and Skwirm.

The antmen are led by Antor. They are depicted as loyal, level headed and hardworking. The antmen are usually the ones seen working on new constructions (Episode 10 the refinery and the dam in Episode 09).

One of the antmen is named Termite. This could mean, that the Antmen also include other insects. The mantismen are a likely candidate. It would also explain, why the mantismen have no representing general.

Known antmen include: Antor, Demon, Fire, Drone, Sting and Termite.

The sharkmen are led by Hammerhead. They are depicted as strong and ruthless soldiers, that enjoy battle.

Known sharkmen include: Hammerhead, Troilus, Six-Gill, Finn, Dedeye, and Mako.

The crocmen are lead by general Krok. Like the sharkmen they are strong, ruthless and enjoy battle, but they are much more loyal to Krulos, than any other subgroup.

The crocman Croc from Episode 10, and general Krok are not the same person. Croc/Krok seems to be a common name within the crocmen.

Known crocmen include: General Krok, Croc, Snarrl and Kraw.

The mantismen are a small subgroup within the Rulon army. Scab, Poxx and Lotus belong to this group. They are not represented by a general, nor is there a known commanding officer within their ranks. This could be because they are part of another subgroup.

The raymen are a small subgroup within the Rulon army. Skate, Rayy and Sludj belong to this group. They are not represented by a general, nor is there a known commanding officer within their ranks. This could be because they are part of another subgroup; Most likely the sharkmen.


The Rulon ranks include competent scientists, who can continue their research even in the harsh conditions of prehistoric earth. They were able to adapt the Rulon brainboxes to dinosaurs, and build the necessary facilities to build and develop new weapons (Episode 10 - To Lose the Path)

Rulon technology includes:

  • spaceships
  • Tractor beams
  • computer transmitter devices
  • chemical refineries

The Rulon technology is based on simple geometric forms and clean sharp edges. This could be, because straight edges are easier to cut and weld, than round organic shapes. The Rulon ships and dinosaurs, are heavily plated: Thus the Rulon soldiers are far more protected from enemy fire, than the Dino-Riders.

The need for heavy plating, does not mean, that Rulons do not conserve resources. The radar dishes on the triceratops's double as laser weapon and are reduced to the bear minimum. This reduction also makes it harder to hit the radar dish.

The Rulon laser weapons have fins. The laser pulse cannon is the only exception. Since the Rulon designs are very functional these are most likely cooling fins.

All in all the Rulon technology has a gritty and industrial look to it.

The Rulon forces use chemical lasers ( Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), sometimes also called blazers, powered by laser generators. (see Episode 10, for prove of chemical use). The lasers produce a lot of heat, which is why the have cooling fins attached to them.

The laser pulse cannon is an exception from the usual Rulon weaponry. It is not meant for continues fire, rather it can give of short, high energy bursts. The pulse cannon can penetrate enemy plating.

The standard weapons issued to every soldier include: a rope ladder, a crossbow, a laser bazooka, binoculars, an electronic whip and a shield.


The brainboxes were developed to enslave the Valorians. The Valorians proved resistant to the brainboxes, due to their telepathy. The brainboxes were then adapted to enslave dinosaurs instead. The brainboxes were build robust and now sport thorns, to inflict extra damage when ramming enemy dinosaurs.

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