Valorian Technology


The name of the Valorian home planet is Valoria (see Thanksgiving). Little of the planet is known, except that it has at least one moon. Valoria is described as "the most beautiful planet in the universe", by Yungstur (see Thanksgiving).

The size of the planet is unknown, as are the speed, with which it revolves around it's sun. Thus we have no concept, of how long a Valorian day or year is. It is also unknown if they ever experienced seasons. Since the Valorians have no trouble adapting to the length of our days, it may be that their days are similar in length as ours.

Climate and atmosphere too, must be similar to our own.

Considering that Valorians not only celebrate thanksgiving, but that they know about dinosaurs and even have turkeys on their planet it can be theorized, that they either have once visited earth, or are descendants from it themselves.


Valorians have lived in peace for twenty thousand years. This allowed the inhabitants to develop art and science. The people lived in abbundance, hunger conquered long time ago.

In this time they had spread throughout their solar system, setting up several scientific outposts.

Once a year the Valorians celebrate Thanksgiving. A special day to commemorate twenty thousand years of peace.

The Valorians are only seen eating, though they prepare a huge banquet for thanksgiving. The banquet seemingly only consists of fruits and vegetables. In the episode thanksgiving, Llhad misses turkey and dressing for the celebration. Even though this probably means, that Valorians eat meat, it is not explicitly said.


The structures seem round with almost no hard corners or edges. The buildings are dotted with towers. The towers end in round dome like spires with long needle like tops on them. Most buildings have a tan-grey, tan-orange color scheme, but some buildings appear to be chrome colored.

No streets are visible on the little footage we have, though a motorcycle can be seen. There is also a flying vehicle, that can be described as flying car, visible, which may explain the absence of streets.

Trees, bushes and other plants seem to freely grow between the buildings.


The fauna of Valoria includes turkeys.

The Valorian Ship

The nameless Valorian ship caries 400 persons, and is powered by the Space Time Energy Projector. It was constructed for space exploration, but during the Rulon siege, it got a new purpose. The Ship is meant to fly through space and time, so the ships crew can begin anew, out of the reach of Rulons. It is unknown if the ship was meant as an ark, or if it was meant as a ferry to make several trips between Valoria and the knew settlement (Their is no hint for the latter, especially no emotional reactions from the crew).

After opening a portal, while being pursued by Rulons, the ship crashed into prehistorc earth. The ship is damaged, probably beyond repair. It's sensor are inoperable.

The posts of the Valorians within the crew were never mentioned. It is possible, that Valorians don't have a chain of command or specializing. Based on their behaviour and tasks, the following description can be assumed.

  • Captain: Questar
  • Science Officer: Ikon
  • Chief Engineer: Turret
  • Chief of Security: Gunnur
  • Medical Personnel: Serena
  • Adviser on colonization: Vector

The S.T.E.P.

The ship is equipped with an untested drive, called Space Time Energy Projector (S.T.E.P.). The S.T.E.P. is powered by the S.T.E.P. crystal, which is holy to Valorians. In episode Thanksgiving Questar tell Ikon, that the S.T.E.P. will send the ship through space and time. Where no Rulon can follow.

The S.T.E.P. Crystal
The S.T.E.P. crystal is holy to Valorians. (''Most of these informations come from the episode "Thanksgiving", as Yungstur tells Llahd about it.'') It is repeatedly said, that the S.T.E.P. crystal powered the Valorian society before it was placed inside the ship. If the crystal inside the ship really was the only one, opposed to being one of many, or a shard of a larger one, that would mean, that the planet of Valoria, had no more energy reserves to defend itself against the Rulon intruders. The ship would than not only be a transport, but a planned suicide as well.

When fleeing from the Rulon armada, Turret reported, that there was not enough energy to activate the S.T.E.P., leading to the assumption, that the crystal is not the source of the energy itself, but rather an energy converter, which would help to explain, why the energy from the Rulon tractor beam could be used to activate the S.T.E.P. (see The adventure begins). In a later episode a similar incident, in which the energy from the Rulon blazers could be used to activate an impulse canon, which was powered by the S.T.E.P. crystal (REFERENCE).

If the crystal actually powered all of the Valorian society, why was it than named after the S.T.E.P. ,an invention which had not existed until very late in Valorian science. It is more likely, that the S.T.E.P. crystal is one crystal from several. Maybe even thousands. Since Valorian society seems to share parallels to our own, it is possible, that every invention, possibly even the AMPs the Valorians wear, have shards of those crystals within them. ( {i} The S.T.E.P. could have been a hypothetical construct, that has existed for thousand of years. Only after recent scientific development could the S.T.E.P. be built.)

The AMP is a pendant worn by the Valorians. It's exact purpose was never mentioned, but its usage allows to draw conclusions.

The AMP either enables/enhances the use of telepathic powers: The AMP is touched when a Valorian uses his or her telepathic powers. (See any episode) There is no known occurrence of a Valorian using there telepathy without using an AMP.

'The AMP is not the source of the Valorian telepathic powers': As Yungstur gets mad about the Rulons poisoning dinosaurs (see To Lose The Path) he is unable to access his powers, even with the aid of his AMP.

'The AMP indicates if a Valorian can access their telepathy' In the episode To Lose the Path, Mind-Zei looks at Yungstur's AMP to learn, that his anger blocks his ability of telepathy. (Maybe the AMP is also some kind of Mood Ring? ;)

'There are different designs of the AMP known'. Different pendants were seen during the course of the show. See the Gallery below. Some of these designs feature a crystal set into the pendant. Maybe this is hidden on the others, or is based on false coloration. These could be shards of the S.T.E.P. crystal, meaning that it is not unique.

Valorian Telepathy
Valorians possess the power of telepathy and other abilities based on it (Except for Mind-Zei's abilities they usually cause an reaction in the AMP). Though some abilities seem inert to all Valorians, other abilities are only available by few. These abilities are either inborn or probably a sign of degrees of mastery. Abilities include:

'The Valorian can communicate over great distances' In every episode the Valorians use their powers to communicate with each other over great distances. The distance of this communication is limited (REFERENCE). It is possible to privately talk to each other, or to broadcast thoughts (see The Rulon Stampede for example).

Their telepathy allows them to communicate with non-Valorians

It also allows them to influence other beings, if they are not consumed by rage (Episode: ''T-Rex''). The Valorians are usually depicted influencing dinosaurs by telepathically talking to them. The exact mechanics are unknown, but theories include:

  • They actually talk to the animals. This raises the question which language the dinosaurs speak. This is probably not true as the animals have never answered.
  • They only transmit emotions, intentions and simple commands to dinosaurs.
  • They actually brainwash the animals (This, then could have been the source of Rulon brainboxes). Though this is unlikely, because Valorians honor all life. The brainwashing could be done by overriding the animals mind or by transmitting positive emotions, so that the creatures either becomes addict to it, or falls into a trance like state.

The most likely theory is probably a mixture of the above.

Valorians only transmit emotions. Talking in their mind, allows them to focus better. The animals, though become docile through a mixture of telepathic positive reinforcment and feeding (For an prove of Valorians feeding Dinosaurs see Episode Battle for the Brontosaurus).

'The Valorians can use their telepathy to revive others' In the episode The Rulon Stampede some Valorians gather around Serena, who is near death, to perform the rite of restoration. The ceremony lets Valorians transmit part of their own lifeforce onto others, by use of the S.T.E.P. crystal. The crystal is vital in the ceremony. During the ceremony Valorians are defenseless. Questar orders to gather the crystal fast, because soon it would be late, possibly because the rite can revive, but not resurrect. During the rite, the AMP glows, though it is not touched. In the episode it is implied, that even dinosaurs gave part of their energy.

'Their telepathic powers can be used to heal' Serena often uses her powers to heal wounds (see The Rulon Stampede). Serena may possess an unusual high mastery in the way of the path, that allows her to use her powers for healing, or they are inborn. These healing powers could be a form of the rite of restoration. When Serena uses her healing powers, her AMP glows, but she does not touch it. A further indication, that it might be a special form of the rite of restoration.

'Valorians can use their ability to read the minds of others' In the episode One to lead us Mind-Zei mentions the little knowntrial by the path (at least Llhad and Serena don't know about it) as a means to put away all lingering suspicions. During the path Questar is to open his mind to all dino riders. Maybe this means, that Valorians can't (or won't) forcefully read the minds of others, but rely on a person to allow such an intrusion. Mind-Zei assembles all dino riders for the trial, most likely to appease all of them instead of a selected few to prevent further suspicions. Questar refuses the trial, because it would leave the camp at considerable danger of attack. He is removed from his command, because of this refusal.

'Their telepathy makes them immune to brainboxes' This fact stems from the episode Thanksgiving.

'Anger prevents Valorians from using telepathy' In the episodes ''T-Rex'' Serena is not able to calm the baby T-Rex, becasue it is to angry and scared. In the episode To lose the path Yungstur is unable to use his telepathic powers. As Mind-Zei tries to contact him, he is unable to hear him, because his mind is clouded by anger. Later as he rides an Edmontonia, he tries to command it while angry, which seems to cause the dinosaur pain. Mind-Zei mentions, that once the path is lost, one canno longer be a Dino Rider. Obviously because he then can't use their telepathy anymore, but more importantly it implies that once the path is gone, it can not be regained. Later though when asked by Yungstur if the he can regain the path Mind-Zei tells him to meditate and maybe he can find it in his heart. This does not contradict the above implication, that once the path is lost can't be regained, because Yungstur had not completely lost the path. Quotes on the path:

Mind-Zei: "Anger [...] is the enemy of the path."

Mind-Zei: "His hatred [...] has blocked his ability to use his telepathy. As a result he is losing the path. When it is gone he will no longer be a dino rider."

Mind-Zei: "The path is the way of harmony. You can not follow it with anger in your heart"

Mind-Zei: "Hate is an acid, and it destroys the jar, that contains it."

'The following abilities are true for Mind-Zei. Note that his AMP never reacts, when he accesses them.'

'Their telepathy allows them precognition' ''In the episode The blue skies of earth Questar comments on Mind-Zei's hunches that usually come true. In the episode Toro, Toro, Torosaurus Mind-Zei senses the danger of the impending Rulon attack.

This could be latent in every Valorian and thus explain why they are hardly ever hit by Rulons.'


'The Valorians can sense other presences.' In the episode The Adventure begins Mind-Zei senses, that they are not alone on the planet. In the episode Toro, Toro, Torosaurus Mind-Zei can sense Llhad, even though he resists to answer. Of note is that even though Llahd does not use his powers, his AMP glows. This is probably because his AMP is activated by Mind-Zei hailing him.

'The Valorians can see through telepathy' Mind-Zei, though blind can use his inner eyes to move around, fight and shoot (see The Adventure Begins). This might be an inborn ability, a sign of further mastery or his telepathic powers compensating for the loss of his eyes by themselves without conscious effort by Mind-Zei.

Valorian Weapons

Valorian weapons are inventions, that were intended to be used otherwise. Weapons include:

  • Planetary shield generator
  • Chest shields
  • Hand phasers: If they really are phasers, then the weapons emit microwaves. Since these are invisible for the human eye, the light that accompanies each shot, could be an aid for aiming.
  • Phaser Rifles: see above
  • Double barrel rifles: Double barrel rifles are mounted on a shoulder harness and can be folded back to rest against the users back. If folded forward they rest on the users shoulder, with a barrel on each shoulde. Never featured in the cartoon.
  • Psych blade: The psyche blade is a long drill shaped sword that rest on the users hand. Referring to its name, it could be, that the Valorians possess the ability to manifest a blade around their hand. Never featured in the cartoon.

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