»I've got a few fireworks I'd like to show those Rulons.«
Bomba is the explosives expert of the Commandos. [1]

If you need an explosion wether it be mute or deafening wether it be modest or blinding, Bomba is the man to ask. This man can do away with any obstacle; to him opening a hatch is just as easy as leveling a mountain. Speaking of mountains ever wished to drop one on your favorite Rulon? Bomba will be happy to oblige.

Bomba is easily recognizable by the red, heavily padded armor he wears. It covers his torso, knees, arms and hands, and it even covers his head. Only Bomba's eyes are visible under the protective shell around his head. The armor is fitted with several pockets where Bomba keeps his most needed equipment; Which includes: several dozen grenades, several mines, a few pounds of various plastic explosives, fuses, timers and remotes. Rarely is he seen his class B's: a red and white T-Shirt, grey slacks and a Barrett.

Portrait of the Valorian Bomba
Bomba was voiced by Peter Claver Cullen.

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