»But Questars there and we are here and now is now, you know?«
Faze is the Commandos artillery and electronics specialist.

Faze is usually seen with his helmet on and his pack strapped to his pack. the pack contains several ground to ground missiles including three missile launchers. It also holds a small set of tools. Faze can spend a lot of time preparing his shots but he therefore hits with pinpoint accuracy. No Electronic device is to complicated for him to manipulate. He has operated the S.T.E.P. and calculated the time travel coordinates to a seconds accuracy. Also Rulon systems pose no problem. This has made Faze invaluable when infiltrating the enemies base.

He is the most easy going and relaxed of the Commandos and often irks his teammates by phrasing simple statements in the most difficult of ways on purpose. Fazes helmet features a shaded visor underneath which he wears a pair of sunglasses.

Portrait of the Valorian Faze
Faze was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

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