»So long, guys. I'm grabin' some sky.«
Glyde is the Commandos specialist for air recon.

A member of the Commandos, Glyde is a highly trained master of scientific warfare in his discipline: Flight. He is equipped with a helmet and a backpack that buckles in around his legs, his hip and his breast. A smaller pack is attached to the belt around his breast. The packs he wears are made from a stiff material, so the packs don't have the natural flow of textile but the angular looks of a welded and bolted contraption. The backpack can deploy a hang glider, while the front pockets open to reveal a battery of phasers.

Since his only flight apparatus is a glide hanger, Glide needs help to reach the needed altitude for flight. Once airborne Glide is not restricted to a slow descent rather he has full control over his flight. His maneuverability equals at least that of the pterosaurs, as he often outmaneuvers his enemies to trick them into colliding with each other.

Spending an extended period of the time on the ground makes Glyde fretful, flight has become his first nature. Glyde gets really antsy when something blocks his sight of the sky, like being indoors or being in tunnels.

Portrait of the Valorian Glyde
Glyde was voiced by Frank Welker.

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