»I'll make minced meat out of those Rulons.«
Gunnur - A rough veteran.
Gunnur is the military advisor and a long friend of Questar.
Gunnur is Questar's tough and grizzled military advisor. He may often come over as cynical and gruff, but he cares deeply for his fellow Dino-Riders. His unwavering resolution and iron discipline make him the paragon of a military leader.
If Questar isn't around it is Gunnur that leads the troops into battle. He'd never send a man to do something he isn't willing to do himself. He is therefore always in the front-line binding and taking out as many Rulons as possible. Gunnur personally teaches the classes on handling dinosaurs in combat and strategy.
His preferred dinosaur is a torosaurus which he handles perfectly by himself even though two Dino-Riders are needed to control it. Gunnur values the maneuverability and the firepower it provides. His torosaurus matches him perfectly in stubbornness and hardiness.
Portrait of the Valorian Gunnur
Gunnur was voiced by Peter Claver Cullen.

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