»We are bred for combat. We're the finest warriors of the Rulon realm.«
Hammerhead muscles and anger.
Hammerhead is the leader of the Sharkurrs.
Hammerhead is one of Krulos' generals. He is the strongest of all Rulons, with the exception of Krulos.
The Sharkurrs are a small group in the Rulon army. They are even fewer in number than the vipers. Their physical strength, aggressiveness, discipline and tendency to fall into a berserker rage more than make up for their lack of numbers.
Hammerhead is less interested in scheming than Rasp; He prefers the direct approach and is thus probably more valuable to the Rulon cause than others. He has trouble with anger management, which is another reason he is feared by mostly everyone
Hammerheads personal enemy is Yungstur
Hammerhead was voiced by Charles Adler.

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