»There are many probabilities but they are only that: probabilities.«
Ikon - A Human Computer
Ikon is above all else a scientist. As one of Questar's advisors he also performs as statistician calculating the success of scenarios. His advise while pragmatic may often seem insensitive. Ikon would never compromise his computations with moral or personal feelings. Ikon himself often seems cold and devoid of emotion, but it is this attribute of his that makes him an invaluable asset to Questar.
Ikon is a tall slender man, whose haircolor changes between black, blonde and white. His right foot was replaced by a prosthesis that reaches halfway up his calf. Ikon alway carries one of two staffs.
  • The top of the longer staff ends in a series of gemetrical objects (frustrums and a sphere). The butt is a thick lump that houses a computer. A crsytal about half the size of the S.T.E.P. crystal is embedded in the computer. This staff crackles with energy when computing.
  • The shorter staff has a slender rounded cylindical butt, while the top has four wings attached to it and is crowned by a crystal about a third of the S.T.E.P. crystal.
Portrait of the Valorian Ikon

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