»Im the naturalist, the expert on wildlife. And where does it get me? Filling canteens that's what.«
Kameelian is a highly trained specialist on wilderness survival and camouflage.

Kameelian is a member of the highly trained crack team of military specialists known as Commandos.

Kameelian is never seen without his camouflaged suit and the corresponding face paint. No matter what terrain he is in he will always find a way to blend in and become invisible. He has mastered the art of camouflage in such a way that no Rulon has ever discovered him even if the Rulon was standing next to or underneath of him. This ability and his patience and endurance make him the best suited for surveilance and reconnaissance.

Kameelian is also the Commandos specialist for wilderness survival - A skill that nicely complements his camouflage ability. Especially his tracking skills come in handy when tracking animals or Rulons.

Kameelian's only flaw is that he sometimes believes his skills are underrated. If that happens he concentrates more on complaining than on the task at hand. This has made him the target of a few laughs which did not help to improve his self-esteem.

Portrait of the Valorian Kameelian
Kameelian was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

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