Lord Krulos

»'Your motivations will be: Hate, fear and envy. I want you to hate your enemy; I want you to fear my wrath, more than anything you fear he may do to you; And I want you to envy victory, so much that you will tear it from his grasp.' - Krulos (Episode 10 - To Lose the Path) «
Lord Krulos - Ruler of the Rulon Empire
"Krulos is Attila the Hun, Joseph Stallin and Darth Vader rolled into one." - from the Writer's Bible.

The goal of Krulos and thus the Rulons is complete domination. Even though he is driven by anger and a lust for destruction he also possesses a sharp mind. He is the only representative of his race in the Rulon army and must consequently fear to be overthrown by one of his generals. His physical strength is far greater than anyone else's in the Rulon army. He can pick up two of his lackeys with ease. His mind is always working; devising plots to pitch his generals against each other. He rules through fear and his manipulations.

Even though everyone of his generals would take his place - even the faithful Antor - none of them has succeeded in taking it. One of the reasons being that without Krulos the Rulon army would no longer hold together.

In order to return to his time and place he must capture the S.T.E.P. If he has to wade through an ocean of Valorian and Rulon blood to do so, he'd be more than happy to oblige.

Krulos is an amphibian life-form that has to remain in a pressurized water filled suit at all times. The suit can also deflect any kind of phaser fire. His only fears are pressure loss and drying out.

Portrait of the Rulon Lord Krulos
Lord Krulos was voiced by Frank Welker.

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