»The path is the way of harmony. You cannot follow it with anger in your heart«
Mind-Zei is the Sage of the Dino-Riders, that never tires of giving advice or council to his fellow Dino-Riders.

Mind-Zei is the grandfather of Serena and the oldest of the Dino-Riders. He offers sound advice when asked for or needed, but never pushes it onto others.

Mind-Zei is a master of the path, which allows him to sense his surounding in spite of his blindness. Mind-Zei is an accomplished warrior and martial artists, that has proved to be able to go toe to toe with any Rulon out there.

When he isn't operating the rocket batteries of the brachiosaurus, Mind-Zei teaches others the path. He can sense others connection with it and warns them from turning away from it. Questar highly appreciates the advice the compassionate man can give.

Portrait of the Valorian Mind-Zei
Mind-Zei was voiced by Peter Claver Cullen.

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