»If I had let Krulos die the war would've been over.«
Serena - The compassionate Healer
Serena can use her telepathic powers to heal other beings. She'll often put her life at stake to help others.
Serena is the granddaughter Mind-Zei and thus a true and devoted disciple of the path. She is gifted with rare psychic powers, most likely associated with her devotion to the path. Serena can heal others by letting her energy flow into others. She can also sense when others are in trouble and will often endanger herself to rescue them. Serena is also one of the few Valorians that can still form a Mind-Dagger[1], though this ability of hers scares her a lot.
Serena was betrothed to Tark, Questar's half-brother. She cancelled the engagement when she realized he was straying from the path [2]. She has since then developed romantic feelings for Questar, but feels that this is inappropriate.
Portrait of the Valorian Serena
Serena was voiced by Noelle North.

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