»Anytime you need something new, I'm your man.«
Turret - The underrated Genius
Turret is the engineer behind most of the Dino-Riders equipment.
Turret is the engineer of the Dino-Riders who constantly thinks up new weaponry and other gizmos. He designed most of the weapons and armors for the dinosaurs. The young man's ability to fix or invent machinery in nearly blinding speed often astonishes others.
In combat Turret may often seem reluctant or helpless, which leads enemies to ignore him. His skill as a sharpshooter though is extra-ordinaire. More than a few Rulons suddenly realized that their mounts turned on them because they weren't brainboxed anymore. If he sees Rulons directly targeting dinosaurs Turret looses his reluctant nature and becomes very aggressive.
Although he knows that he is an engineering genius, Turret has a low self-esteem. He isn't too shy to point out the finer points of his inventions, but is heavily dependent on praise from the older Dino-Riders, like Questar.
Portrait of the Valorian Turret

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