»I want to fight them, to stop them once and for all.«
Yungstur - impatient hot shot
Yungstur is a young man and Dino-Rider. He is only slightly older than Llahd and as old as Turret.
Yungstur's favorite past time is being on the back of a quetzacoatlus or deinonychus. Anything will do really, as long as it is fast. He is a romantic, always on the look for adventure and turns every mundane chore in a challenge.
He is also very impatient and feels that it is his duty to right every wrong this often makes him rush into fights with blazing lasers. Younger Dino-Riders admire him for his bravery the older ones often think of him as liability. This mentality often clashes with the path.
Portrait of the Valorian Yungstur

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