Other toy lines from the 80's have had their run and quite a few have had reboots (Transformers, G.I. Joe and Thundercats to name a few) which is why they have large active communities.

Dino-Riders on the other hand lives in the heart of a few passionate collectors that have not managed to band into an active community. They are strewn through other communities as is the information (see our list of links for valuable sites) and the stories that they can share.

Nevertheless a few central points have recently formed.


The Dino Toy Forum has a subboard dedicated to Dino-Riders. has closed its board in favor of this.

The Dino Toy Forum is a place where collectors, artists and enthusiasts meet.


The Dino-Riders group on DeviantArt tries to collect pieces of Art that deviants have created to offer a central place for browsing Dino-Rider related art.