Ankylosaurus ("stiff lizard")

Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Length 650cm
Height 200cm
Weight 3500kg
Era Lived 71 - 65 million years ago. ( Maastrichtian )
Ankylosaurus - extreme defense
Ankylosaurus' back was plated with oval bony plates (osteoderms), some of which had formed to thorns. Its thick leathery skin was inset with these osteoderms, the thorns ran down the sides of ankylosaurus. This protected him from most smaller carnivores.
If his plating did not suffice ankylosaurus could use its tail to fend off any attackers. The bones in its tail had fused to form a club which ankylosaurus could swing with bone crushing force.
Ankylosaurus was found in the same formations as Edmontonia. Ankylosaurus wide snout indicates that he was an non-selective eater that lived in the highlands. While the contemporary Edmontonia probably lived closer to the coasts.

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