Deinonychus ("terrifying claw")

Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Bipedal
Length 350cm
Height 100cm
Weight 70kg
Era Lived 112 - 100 million years ago. ( Albian )
Deinonychus - Turkey of death
Deinonychus is related to the much smaller velociraptor. Like velociraptor deinonychus probably was feathered.
Deinonychus had three sharp claws on each hand which he could use to grab its prey. On each foot he had one of the famous sickle claws. The sickle was bent back most of the time to not hinder deinonychus' movements and to not dull it. The sickle could be catapulted forward to puncture flesh. Wether deinonychus used this to puncture vital spots like the blood vessels or to get a better hold on its prey is unclear.

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