Kentrosaurus ("prickly lizard")

Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Length 550cm
Height 200cm
Weight kg
Era Lived 156 - 151 million years ago. ( Kimmeridgian )
Kentrosaur - full body thagomizer
Kentrosaurus was first thought to be a stegosaurus, later findings proved that it was indeed its own genus.
Like the related stegosaurus the smaller kentrosaurus' silhouette was marked by the pointy plates growing from its back. Unlike stegosaurus big flat plates Kentrosaurus had narrow long plates up to its shoulder and big thorns running from the shoulder to the tail of the tip. It also had about 1m long thorns growing straight out of each shoulder.
Kentrosaurus' tail made up half of its lenght and was very flexible like the tails of crocodiles. The tail could be swung 50 km/h fast and was dangerous or near lethal to its opponents.

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