Protoceratops ("first horned face")

Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Length 200cm
Height 60cm
Weight 150kg
Era Lived 83 - 71 million years ago. ( Campanian )
Protoceratops - feisty mama
Protoceratops was a first in many regards.
Protoceratops was for a long time the earliest (or first) member of the ceratopsians that we knew about. The large hornless head was adorned by a parrot like beak and a small neck shield. Like other ceratopsians protoceratops had an array of molars to grind up his food before swallowing it.
The first dinosaur eggs ever found also belonged to protoceratops. In Mongolia a nesting area was unearthed with dozens of protoceratops' nests. If that wasn't enough another remarkable discovery was made near those nests. The first fossilized fight between dinosaurs. The fossil shows a protoceratops fighting a velociraptor.
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