Pteranodon ("toothless wing")

Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Flying
Length 600cm
Height 250cm
Weight 60kg
Era Lived 86 - 71 million years ago. ( Santonian, Campanian )
Pteranodon - ancient seagulls
Pteranodon was a pterosaur and thus no dinosaur. Pteroanodons must have been very common in its time, as many fossils were found of Pteranodon (This is also partially due to them living near lakes, which preserve fossils quite nicely).
Pteranodon lived near lakes where it used the thermocurrents to glide. With its bony, toothless beak it preyed on fish.
While on land it used its front claws which were part of the wings and its hind very short paws to waddle and hop about.
In pteranodons males were larger than females. Females were only about 2/3 of the size of a male. One specimen of pteranodon was found that had a wingspan of 7,5m.
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