Quetzalcoatlus ("feathered serpent god")

Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Flying
Length 1000cm
Height 900cm
Weight 180kg
Era Lived 71 - 65 million years ago. ( Maastrichtian )
Quetzacoatlus - winged giraffe
Quetzacoatlus was first estimated to have a wingspan that exceeded 16m. Newer discoveries lowered this estimate to 10m in spite of this new estimate quetzacoatlus remains the largest flying animal known to science.
Unlike pteranodon quetzacoatlus did not live near lakes or the sea. It lived in the hills and plains of North America and fed on small game like lizards and mammals.
When on the ground quetzacoatlus used all four limbs to move around. The proportions of its limbs where such that it could walk and gallop around like a small horse or giraffe. The elongated neck also bares some resemblance to giraffes.
Quetzacoatlus long curved beak did not close completely and its head was adorned by a semicircular comb.

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