Ramphorynchus ("beak snout")

Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Flying
Length 181cm
Height 126cm
Weight 20kg
Era Lived 165 - 145 million years ago. ( Callovian, Oxfordian, Kimmeridgian, Tithonian )
Rhamphorhynchus is a unspecialized pterosaur. It had a long stiffened tail ended in a diamond-shaped vane. The jaws of Rhamphorhynchus ended in needle-like teeth that pointed outward, which it used to prey on fish and insects. The curved jaws ended in a toothless beaklike tip.
Ramphorhynchus came with the brontosaurus toy. The packaging indicates that the pterosaur was used to carry bombs as it was too small to carry a person.
Ramphorhynchus was never featured in the cartoon.

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