Saurolophus ("")

Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Length 1200cm
Height 700cm
Weight 7000kg
Era Lived 71 - 65 million years ago. ( Maastrichtian )
Saurolophus could walk on two or four legs. It lived in herds and prefferred river side vegetation. It had hundreds of molar theeth behind its beak.
Its nasal bones extended 13cm from the back of its head. This bone was interlaminated with nasal tissue and could be inflated to amplify its barks.
So why did Tyco produce Saurolophus instead of the more iconic parasaurolophus? As we may never know the real reason, we can only speculate. As Tyco was a profit oriented business money must've been one of the main reasons. Engineering may have ben another. If the parasaurolophus had been produced its crest would have been as thin as the deinonychus tail, which easily broke. So they would have to use either another material or engineering method to avoid that. This in turn would increase cost of production. Another question is if they would have portrayed parasaurolophus with [1] or without[2] the sail along its headcrest. If they had given parasaurolophus a sail, it would've most likely have been made of the same rubber like material as the pteranodon, which again would increase production cost. Almost the same reasons hold true if they had considered any other hadrosaur with an easily recognizable headcrest. To stay in scale the headcrest would have to be very thin and fragile. Which would either force them to change the used material or the engineering method.
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