Sabre Tooth Tigre (Smilodon Neogaeus) ("Knife Tooth")

Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Length 250cm
Height 120cm
Weight 450kg
Smilodon - Heman likes his green
Smilodon is best known for its 30cm long canines. Against popular belief these teeth were fragile and could only be used for the killing blow against an already subdued prey.
Sabre tooth tigers are related to felines, but are not tigers. Even though they are related to modern cats, the muscular, extremely robust smilodons with their short tail looked much more like bears than cats. It may not have been fast, but it sure was strong.
Smilodons could open their mouths double as far as lions and used the muscles of their neck and upper body to enhance thier bite force.
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