Triceratops ("three horned face")

Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Length 900cm
Height 300cm
Weight 12000kg
Era Lived 71 - 65 million years ago. ( Maastrichtian )
Triceratops - best known as tyrannosaurus rex' movie partner
Triceratops is one of the best known and scientifically best described dinosaurs.
Triceratops had a shield protecting its shoulders and neck and three horns two large ones over each eye and a smaller over its nose. The horns were used for intra-specific display and for defense. Numerous wounds were found on the shields of the found triceratops fossils, bearing witness to the triceratops' aggressiveness.
Triceratops' beak could slice through any plant material, which was chewed between the 800 teeth in the back of its mouth.
Current scientific discussion suggests that the found skeletons were juveniles and females and that Triceratops actually belongs to the genus Torosaurus.
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