Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dino-Riders what's that?

Like Transformers and G.I. Joe Dino-Riders was a cartoon promoting a toyline. The toyline brought together two very distinct concepts: laser wielding intergalactic space travelers and dinosaurs.

While the cartoon only ran in the year 1987 the toyline continued into the early 90s.

The toys were in 1/24 scale and scientifically accurate.

A cartoon, really?

Yes, it had a total of 14 episodes and you can read them in our episode guide

The story line pitched the peace loving Valorians against the war seeking evil Rulons. A group of Valorians manages to flee their home planet Valoria that is under siege by the Rulons. They plan to use their Space Time Energy Projector to escape through time. Through an accident the Valorian ship and the Rulon flagship "Dreadlock" are both catapulted through time and land on prehistoric earth. Their battle continues in a new place and time.

Why bother to make the toys scientifically accurate?

The inventors and designers at Tyco alway argued that kids learn fast and this is especially true for dinosaur facts. Kids love dinosaurs and greedily suck up every information they get about them. They did not want to risk to put their customers off by inaccuracies.

Truth is that the people at Tyco where in love with the toyline. They fought against every odd to make the best possible toy they could. After the first designers looked into dinosaurs they were so captivated by those energetic beasts that they wanted to make museum quality replicas.

So who made sure Tyco had their science straight?

Early in the design process the designers had decreed that the dinosaurs had to be museum qualityreplicas. They were so in love with them that they pretty much took care of accuracy themselves.

Nevertheless Robert T. Bakker was enlisted. His involvement was suppossed to give the toy line the scientific flair the designer so desperatly wanted. He not only approved of the toys, but also helped pick the most suitable for the toyline.

He quit before the toyline was revealed due to creative conflicts.

Who is Dr. Robbert T. Bakker?

Dr. Bakker is a paleontologist. He was one of the most important scientists who helped reshaping the way we think about dinosaurs, particularly through his theory of endothermic dinosaurs. Bakker is one of the initiatrs of the "dinosaur renaissance". His most important work may be his 1986 released Dinosaur Heresis.

Transformers and G.I. Joe are still around. What happened to Dino-Riders?

Tyco - including its properties - was sold to Mattel in 1997. Mattel had no interest in continuing the Dino-Riders line.